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South Africa to represent at the SA Open

Today South Africa’s 4th seed in the women’s division, Kgothatso Montjane, faced Katherina Kruger, No. 1 seed from Germany at the Airports Company South Africa SA Open held at Sun City with a thrilling victory. The tournament has attracted over 110 players from 19 different countries and is the first Grade One event to be hosted on African soil.

The Montjane/Kruger game was a critical one for the South African who is trying to rank up points to qualify on merit to play in the Paralympics next year. All eyes were on Montjane who took the opening game breaking Kruger’s serve with the crowd hoping that this would set the precedent for the match and so it did. Montjane won the first set 6-4 with most games going to multiple deuces, but the local managed to hold it together, “It was a little close for comfort especially when I lost two games in a row, but I got myself back in the game and stayed focused,” said Montjane. In the second set the South African contender took a tumble, being pulled wide out of the court and she fell hard into the fence despite of having returned the shot with great accuracy. Undeterred despite obvious pain from her collision, she won 6-1 and rolled off court to an adoring fan base with a closing score of 6-4 6-1.

Montjane’s win means she has secured herself a place in the finals and tough competition is ahead. Sabine Ellerbrock from Germany beat her opponent Lola Ochoa from Spain today 6-3 6-2. Montjane and Ellerbrock will certainly have a tight match with a slight advantage to Montjane who plays from a backhand with Ellerbrock’s preference a forehand. Montjane said, “Tomorrow will be tough but I’m looking forward to it – as for today it felt great to win and it means my tennis is showing progress.”

After a disappointing loss in the Men’s A division, Sydwell Mathonsi made a powerful comeback in the B division beating Augustin Ledesma from Argentina, 6-7 6-1 (11) in the semifinals. He goes on to face Daniel Rodrigues from Brazil in the finals.

Published by The BLD Group