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Wheelchair Tennis is one of the fastest growing wheelchair sports in the world. The ITF considers South Africa one of the global success stories in introducing the sport, making Wheelchair Tennis South Africa (WTSA) one of the top wheelchair tennis structures and nations in the world. more

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We are looking for donations to continue to offer programmes within communities and offer opportunities for our top athletes. For Donations, please use the QR Code below;

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Did you know?

  • Wheelchair tennis is played on a regular court
  • Wheelchair tennis follows the same rules as able bodied tennis except the ball may bounce twice
  • WTSA has over 500 active players in SA
  • There is more than 35 centres and schools offering wheelchair tennis coaching nationwide
  • WTSA host 6 international tournaments annually
  • We have three players in the top 12 in the world; Kg Montjane ranked 8th, Lucas Sithole ranked no.5 and Evans Maripa ranked no.12.